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Data Engineer

Making life accessible

Join the smart-locking revolution! iLOQ is an international company headquartered in Finland that offers intelligent locking systems and total access-management solutions. We guarantee safe access to buildings and facilities. Our mission is to make...

Iloq impact

Iloq creates its most significant positive impacts in societal infrastructure and paying taxes, in category Society.

Iloq creates its most significant negative impacts or uses resources in greenhouse gas emissions and scarce human capital, in categories Environment and Knowledge.
Upright data for Iloq

By clicking on the graph, you can see the entire Iloq impact profile.

What is impact profile?

The net impact profile was modeled by the Upright Project. The profile is based on scientific research's understanding of the effects of various products and services. The profile tells you which things you are involved in influencing through this job. You can find more information about Upright here.

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