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Postinjakaja, Hyvinkää

Haemme Hyvinkään jakeluun postinjakajaa.

Työ on postin jakelua Postin jakeluautolla tai polkupyörällä.

Viikkotuntimäärä on keskimääräisesti 26h/vko.

Tarjoamme sinulle suuren yhtiön edut: 

- Mehiläisen työterveys

- Eazybreak -liikuntaedut

- Kokonaisvaltaisen perehdytyksen omaan työhön.

- Työvaatteet

- kilpailukykyinen palkkaus, 11,71e/h

Mitä toivomme sinulta:

- vahva asenne työtä kohtaan

- 18 vuoden ikä

- ajokortti ja kahden vuoden kokemus

Jätäthän hakemuksen mahdollisimman pian mutta viimeistään 29.01.2022

We handle and deliver the logistics of nearly everything – e-commerce parcels, heavy freight items, postcards or love letters – on your terms! Posti is evolving and its transformation is built by a diverse pool of professionals from postal employees to artificial intelligence experts. In a big company, the range of possibilities is huge. Make Posti your next big opportunity – join us to create the future Posti!

Posti impact

Posti creates its most significant positive impacts in paying taxes and creating jobs, in category Society.

Posti creates its most significant negative impacts or uses resources in greenhouse gas emissions and biodiversity, in category Environment.
Upright data for Posti

By clicking on the graph, you can see the entire Posti impact profile.

What is impact profile?

The net impact profile was modeled by the Upright Project. The profile is based on scientific research's understanding of the effects of various products and services. The profile tells you which things you are involved in influencing through this job. You can find more information about Upright here.

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