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Experienced System Architect

We are looking for a System Architect to our Authentication team in Mariehamn.
Our Authentication team plays a pivotal role in supporting all Business Areas at Crosskey, specializing in:
- Authentication Solutions: Which includes design and implementation of authentication solutions, encompassing multi-factor authentication and single sign-on (SSO) solutions.
- Security: Our team specializes in designing and implementing secure software systems. We actively engage in threat modeling, security testing, and vulnerability assessments to ensure a high level of security in our solutions.
- OAuth 2.0 and OIDC (OpenID Connect): We are proficient in implementing OAuth 2.0 and OIDC, which are key authorization and identity authentication frameworks for securing API access. Our expertise in these standards ensures the robust and secure management of user identities and secure API interactions.
You should apply if
- You have a passion for crafting scalable and secure software systems that align with business needs while following industry standards and best practices.
- Collaboration is your strength, and you thrive on working with cross-functional teams to gather requirements, offer technical guidance, and ensure the successful execution of solutions.
- You find purpose in conducting security assessments and implementing security best practices to safeguard software systems against potential threats.
- Designing and implementing authentication solutions, including multi-factor authentication and SSO, resonates with your goal to heighten security and enhance user experiences.
- Implementing the OAuth 2.0 authorization framework excites you, as it fortifies API access security and elevates integration capabilities.
- You have several years of software development experience, including some of the following key technologies: Java, Spring, Microservices, RESTful API design, OAuth2, AWS, Docker, CI/CD pipelines and test automation.

Please apply on no later than 31.12.2023

For further information about this position, please contact
Lucas Mattsson, Team Manager
Tel +358 (0) 4573613709, email: [email protected]
Monika Sigmark, HR Manager
Tel +358 (0) 407178456
Työpaikan osoite: Elverksgatan 10, 22100 Mariehamn
Työ alkaa: Työskentelyn aloitus sovitaan yhdessä
Työaika: Kokoaikatyö
Työn kesto: Toistaiseksi voimassa oleva
Hakuaika päättyy: 31.12.2023 21:59
Jätä hakemus:
Ilmoitus jätetty: 16.11.2023 00:00
Työmarkkinatorin ilmoitusnumero: 1c0b0292-1974-4158-af09-eb2e5e46db52

Lähde: Työmarkkinatorin asiakastietojärjestelmä


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Experienced System Architect

Crosskey Banking Solutions Ab
Postiljonsgränd 3 AX 22100 Mariehamn, Åland, Mariehamn 22100
Kokopäiväinen, Vakituinen

Julkaistu 16.11.2023

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