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Serverless Senior Developer, Alma Talent

We are looking for serverless senior developer to be part of the legal services development team. You value readability in the code and are used to writing meaningful test cases. You are able to utilize AWS serverless tehnologies as an integral part of the solution. You feel that the infrastructure is vital part of the application.

In addition to our Finnish Law (Suomen Laki) service, we are building completely new services for legal professionals. That’s why we’re building our own in-house team to develop these services. The team already has a skilled product owner and UX/UI designer and the team has been supported by developers from other teams. We carry out product development together with our customers and strive to ensure that the designed product generates customer value from the very first release.

To be honest, the team is also responsible for a few existing services, where there is a chance to get hands dirty with the retro code if there is a need for bugfix. Most of these services are maintained by partners, which means that the vast majority of our own developer’s time is spent on developing something completely new. And no, we don’t support IE11 or any other legacy browser usage.

We offer:

  • Flexible working hours, well-functioning remote working practices, but also the possibility to work in the office with great tools
  • A modern working environment and technologies in which you develop as an expert and professional
  • Support and security of a large company, but the flexibility of independent agile teams

In order to succeed in the task, the following will help:

  • Craftsmanship attitude to development
  • Strong software development skills in multiple programming languages (eg. TypeScript, Kotlin, Java, Python, Golang)
  • Experience or will to learn how to utilize AWS serverless technologies (eg. Lambda, Fargate, API Gateway, Eventbridge, Aurora, AppSync)
  • Knowledge or experience in frontend development with React

We are part of Alma Media, which employs more than 350 technology experts. We support job rotation and encourage the continuous development of competence. For us, people’s appreciation is not based on the billing rate or the number of lines of code written. We also believe that high-quality services are created when employees and teams feel well.

Sounds exciting?
We will hire a suitable person as soon as a suitable person is found, so submit an application quickly. For more information about the position, please contact Niilo Ursin (, +358 40 5398902).

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Serverless Senior Developer, Alma Talent

Kokopäiväinen, Vakituinen
3 - 5 vuotta

Julkaistu 01.11.2022

Yrityksen liikevaihto: 
Yli 100 000 000 €
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