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Waiter, Arctic Snow Hotel and Snowman World

Arctic Snow Hotel & Glass Igloos locates in Sinettä village in Rovaniemi. SnowHotel is carved from snow and ice each year, and each SnowHotel is designed to be different to earlier years. SnowHotel provides unique rooms and unforgettable nights surrounded by snow and ice. Snow sauna, ice restaurant and glass igloos provide unforgettable moments and possibility to experiense Northern Lights. Read more:

Snowman World is the most exhilarating snowy playground of the Santa Claus Village, located on the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi, where you can enjoy a day of thrilling winter activities. While enjoying holiday activities, customers can occasionally revitalise themselves with the tasty servings of the Snow Restaurant and Ice Bar, while admiring some fine snow and ice sculptures. Snowman World is part of Arctic Snow Hotel. Check websites: 

Arctic Snow Hotel & Glass Igloos is looking for professional WAITERS and BARTENDER to work in snow hotel area and in Santa Claus Village area's unique restaurants.

Ice restaurant, Kota restaurant and hotel restaurant serve great Lappish flavours and hot and cold drinks in snow hotel area. Santa Claus Village's Santamus restaurant and ice restaurant in Snowman world serves cafeteria products, lunch and dinner for walk in customers and private events.

We expect suitable education and experience of waiter or barista or bartender position, experience of work in busy environment, fluent Finnish or English and great customer service skills.

Full time work starts 1.12. and ends at the end of Christmas season (6.1.2023) or at the end of winter season (19. or 31.3.2023). Own car is an advantage in this area.

Terms of employment are based on the collective agreement for hotel and restaurant industry. EEmployment contract will be between Go On and employee.


More information: Go On Anna Rinnekallio; [email protected]

Please notice - we can't accept email applications. Applications only via our websites in English or in Finnish. We will contact you during the recruitment process. 

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Waiter, Arctic Snow Hotel and Snowman World

Kokopäiväinen, Määräaikainen ja projektityö

Julkaistu 05.09.2022

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2 000 000 - 9 999 999 €
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