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Please feel free to contact us if you have any further comments or questions.

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Our customer service is happy to help you with any questions regarding our service.

     ✉️    |    ☎️     010 665 2180     |    Mon - Fri klo 9.00-15.00

Please note that on bank holidays our customer care is closed.




Mikko Laitinen

Sales Director


Kirsi Pihkanen

Account Director, Key Account Team


Ville Lustig

Sales Team Manager


Vesa Vilenius

Account Manager


Petri Uusitalo

Regional Business Manager


Joonas Tuomi

Jr. Account Manager


Samuli Majamäki

Jr. Account Manager


Sami Kallio

Junior Web-Analyst, myynti


Tuukka Salo

Junior Account Manager


Ilari Hakala

Account Manager


Jutta Rautio

Junior Account Manager


Karo Mattero

Junior Account Manager


Aleksi Kivistö

Junior Account Manager


Samuli Kovaniemi

Junior Account Manager


Kaarin Kanto

Junior Account Manager


Sabina Aspholm

Sales Coordinator




Annika Ruola

Chief Marketing Officer
010 665 2278

Roy Kokkonen

Content Manager

Eliisa Varis

Marketing Planner
010 665 6529


Jonna Liukkonen

Manager, Customer Service
010 665 2528


Anna Lintunen

Customer Success Coordinator


Mimosa Räty

Customer Success Coordinator




Jarno Forssell

IT Development Manager
010 665 3294

Ville Virolainen

Product Manager
010 665 2856

Areta Santos

Developer Trainee




Mika Kiiskinen

Country Manager,
010 665 3498

Jesse Huusari

Product Owner, New Products
010 665 2569

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