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Value-based job search?

Jobly is the first job portal in the world to enable value-based job search. We show how companies affect the environment, society, knowledge and health.

Impact data is shown in two ways:

  • You can search for jobs based on their positive impact.
  • Net impact profiles are shown in job ads.

The icons on the search page tell quickly if a company has positive impacts on one or more of the categories. If so, the icon is highlighted.





What is the impact data based on?

Impact data is powered by the Finnish technology company Upright. The Upright net impact model is a mathematical model of the economy that produces continuously updated estimates of the net impact of companies by means of an information integration algorithm that consolidates data from humanity’s accumulated scientific knowledge and public statistical databases. Upright's data is already trusted in decision-making by investors and businesses. The data is also available through the Nasdaq global data platform. With Jobly, anyone can benefit from the same knowledge in their job search.

How does impact data differ from ESG-metrics?

The current certificate jungle is not an adequate way for the jobseeker to perceive the impact of potential employers. Unlike traditional ESG-metrics, Upright measures the effects of companies' core business, such as the effects of products and services.

Compared to traditional ESG-metrics like carbon footprint and good governance, net impact is a tangible factor that can be easily understood by job seekers.

What are the benefits of value-based job search?

Value-based job search allows job seekers to see the impact of companies and mirror it against their own values and priorities. It's a way to see, what kind of a world you are building by working a company. It supports decision-making and for companies it's a way to differentiate.

“Each employer has a number of positive and negative effects on the world. Upright's goal is not to tell which jobs are good or bad, but to allow job seekers to see the impact of companies and mirror it against applicant's own values and priorities” - Founder of Upright Annu Nieminen.