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Alma Jobly is a new job board — and the answer to the recruitment challenges of this time. It is a successful combination of the latest digital technology, trusted quality media, precision solutions and expertise.

Jobly awakens and activates the best potential — the ones actively seeking new jobs and those satisfied with their current one. It reaches competent employees who share your company's values – those who are suited for you.


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Jobly. The solution to the recruitment challenges of this time.

Jobly makes your job ads visible for the most suited employees – based not only on their skills but also on their personality ja values.



We are where the people are.

We gather nearly two million page views every month. In addition, job ads are shown in Alma’s media network consisting of e.g. Iltalehti, Kauppalehti and Talouselämä, which reaches more than 88% of Finns. The job ads are also boosted by powerful SEM, social media and digital marketing.

Job seeker in focus.

A clear and easy-to-use site makes job seekers return to Jobly time and time again. Satisfied job seekers also guarantee the success of recruiters. Compared to a year ago, the job applications have increased by 172% and page views by 53%.

Value-based job search.

Jobly is the world's first job board to enable value-based job search. We show impact data provided by the Finnish technology company Upright to support job search. It allows job seekers to see the impact data of companies and mirror it against the applicant's own values and priorities.

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Succeed in critical recruitments.

Jobly Inspire campaign guarantees results. Jobly's professionals build a two-week campaign for you. Our experts optimize and target the campaign throughout its duration, guaranteeing 2200-6000+ views depending on your choice of level.

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Our customers


Alma Jobly. At your service.

When you want to find the right fit, an easy and flexible recruitment service is what you're looking for.


Opportunities worth seizing

The user can search jobs, e.g. by employment type, region, salary range and net-impact. Jobly is the world's first job search service that also enables genuine value-based job search.  

When a user applies for a job, they receive recommendations for similar places. Jobly gets to know users — the more an applicant uses the site, the more relevant suggestions they get.


Reach and results

We serve and attract people who are actively looking for new opportunities and those satisfied with their current job. Alma's digital network reaches 3.3 million Finns weekly. This combined with strong SEM, powerful re-targeting and high social media visibility create a recipe for success in recruitment marketing. 


Find the employees suited for you

When you post a job ad, we suggest you profiles of job seekers that are suitable for the job description. That is why we encourage employers to fill in the job advert information carefully.  

Companies using Jobly get access to search profiles free of charge. If a suitable candidate is found, they can be contacted directly through our site.

Better results. With prices and solutions that suit you.

A mistake in recruiting eats up time, money, and resources. That makes finding the person suited for you so important. With us, you save money, time and resources. With a wider range of products, we serve you even better.


A happier working life starts here

Jobly is the world's first job board to enable genuine value-based job search. It is enabled by cooperation with the Finnish technology company Upright. Upright's impact data shows how different employers influence the environment, society, knowledge and health. 

Value-based job search is a delicious opportunity for businesses. Impact data facilitates decision-making and promotes transparency. For companies, impact data is a way to differentiate. As more comprehensive than traditional ESG-metrics, it highlights many positive effects that may be difficult for companies to communicate otherwise. By posting your jobs in Jobly you are creating a more transparent and a happier working life.