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Airship operations data analyst

Our high-flying vision at Kelluu is to transform airships into a new, compact, high-tech form and answer the ever-increasing threat to our lives due to the climate change crisis. By scanning and collecting real-time data from the air with Kelluu airships, we can prevent and minimize, for example, wildfires, floods, and other natural disasters globally, all with nearly zero emissions.

Are you an analytical and motivated UAS surveying data analysis expert who gets things done? You may have heard of our mission with autonomous airships before and would like to join our team. We’re building the first fleets and are on a mission to expand airships all around the globe, and our first large-scale customers need help in Finland.


Your mission is to design flight plans and process gathered aerial data that we collect for our customers. We are a reliable partner in surveying and monitoring the environment with high quality and almost zero emissions. In this job, you will work closely with the actual flight mission planning and data processing.

Here are some of the key responsibilities:

  • Design and implement automated aerial imaging data processing pipelines and procedures that meet the needs of the customer
  • Design UAS flight plans with reference GIS data and cooperate with the operations team
  • Ensure the top quality and accuracy of the data by implementing data validation checks
  • Designing and building custom analysis on aerial surveying data based on customer specifications
  • Keep up-to-date with new GIS data analysis techniques and technologies

To succeed, you should be familiar with GIS systems and can code statistical models in Python or R. You should have skills in Java, C++, SQL, or other programming languages.

We also expect you to have some practical experience in GIS analysis and photogrammetry. Here are some key points related to this role with us:

  • Planning flight routes based on customer requirements with UAS
  • Processing collected high-resolution aerial data using photogrammetry software such as Pix4D, Agisoft Metashape, or similar.
  • Experience working with RGB, Multispectral, Hyperspectral, and Lidar data
  • Generating georeferenced ortho-models, digital surface models (DSM), and point clouds
  • Performing quality control checks on processed data to ensure accuracy and completeness
  • Understanding of surveying and mapping principles and techniques
  • Understanding of coordinate and height systems and transformations.

In our world, we do something completely different and new. Ideally, you are a very analytical and pragmatic person who can find various solutions in a sometimes hectic environment. We are still a relatively small team, so independent working skills are necessary. It’s ok to love data more than humans, but you must also have ok-ish communication skills.

With all this, you get help from the whole company management and our excellent people. It is possible to grow with the company in the future; ideally, you have a thrilling ride ahead with us. The work occurs in our airship factory in Joensuu, Finland, and the work is done on-site. If you move to Finland from abroad, our HR team can help you with practicalities. The job might require traveling.

We can provide a salary of 3500 - 4000 € / month, based on your experience level.

Want to build airships with us? Apply as soon as possible via our recruitment channel at If you are in need of assistance, you can contact our HR Partner Kristian Paloheimo via email at [email protected] or p. 0405738900. Please apply by 31.3; we are reviewing the applications during the whole period and will let candidates know about the decisions during the last week of March.

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Airship operations data analyst

Kokopäiväinen, Vakituinen
5 - 10 vuotta
Alempi korkeakoulututkinto
Ylempi korkeakoulututkinto

Julkaistu 09.04.2024

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