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Electrical Engineer

Main skills

  • A hands-on and proactive approach to work

  • Ability to explain and discuss ideas fluently in English

  • Knowledge of AutoCAD Electrical to make wiring diagrams

  • Knowledge of wiring electrical control boxes and panels

  • Conduct risk analysis and identify potential hazards

  • Experience with industrial electrical and automation safety such as designing robot cell safety.

  • Ability to choose the correct automation and electrical components based on the customer requirements and integrate it with the PLC/Robot

Optional skills:

  • Knowledge in PLC programming and process monitoring

  • Knowledge about operating and programming industrial robots.

Soft Skills required

  • Organizational skills and self-management of time and activities

  • Teamwork

  • Proactivity

  • Flexibility in adapting to different tasks and to a dynamic working environment

Core Responsibilities

  • Designing safety circuits for robots with risk analysis

  • Designing and building control boxes based on customer requirements

  • Choosing the correct sensors and drivers based on the requirement.

  • Documentation of the wiring diagram and build process of the control box

  • Managing inventory for the control box

Other details

  • Type of employment: Full-time

  • Compensation: Salary

  • Place of work: Espoo, Finland

  • Impact: Contributing to the world of Digital twins and smart manufacturing

Hiring Challenge

Complete the challenge or Submit your portfolio of work that indicates similar work

You have the following components:

  1. Beckhoff CX5130 PC with EK1200 (E bus)

  2. Beckhoff BK1250 Kbus coupler

  3. Beckhoff KL2751 universal dimmer

  4. 240Vac/115Vac step-down Transformer with a power rating of 250W

  5. IR heater that operates on 110-120Vac with a power rating of 250W.

  6. 24V 10A DC power supply

here is an image of the components listed above for better visualization



  1. Create a wiring diagram/sketch so that the PLC is able to control the IR heater using the universal dimmer component

  2. Assume a 230-240Vac 50hz power supply from the wall socket

  3. Use appropriate fuses and other safety components (they do not have to be of any specific brand)

  4. A diagram can also be hand sketched as long as it is clearly readable

  5. Explain briefly the wiring diagram

  6. There is no time limit

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Electrical Engineer


Julkaistu 08.02.2023

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Haluatko suosituksia samankaltaisista työpaikoista sähköpostitse?Tilaa hakuvahti