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Operations Specialist - Budbee Box (FI)

Welcome to Budbee's operations team - the heart and soul of our transportation, box- and home delivery service! We are now looking for an Operations Specialist to join Budbee's new and rapidly growing Budbee Box team in Finland. Budbee Box is our latest addition to our delivery solutions, offering consumers what they need when they need it.

In this position, you'll play an essential role in further building this proposition as we expand. You will be responsible for making sure that we have Budbee Boxes placed at the right locations, and that execution is done in a timely and cost-efficient manner, with respect to current and tomorrow's needed capacities. You’ll grow to be responsible for things running smoothly, efficiently, and assuring quality. A big part of the job is also improving our processes and flows as we grow.

In practice, you will be responsible for the following:

  • Managing the co-operation with Box Installation partners and locations. Both from day-to-day co-operation to more strategic development
  • Finding and growing with new partners all around Finland
  • Establishment of Box shipping process across all Budbee markets to make sure local Box supply meet the local Box demand
  • Responsibility for monitoring Box conditions and quality

About you
You enjoy fast-paced environments where you like to take on a lot of initiatives while having a creative mindset. As an Operations Specialist, you are flexible and adapting quickly, both in mind but also in setting. You enjoy taking ownership in your work and strive to be the best at what you do. This position is for full-time.


  • About 2 years work experience, preferably in an operational setting, consulting or start-up
  • Fluent in Finnish and English, both oral and written
  • Strong organizational skills - You are fun and confront challenges with a smile
  • Have ability to balance attention to detail with swift execution - we need to do things quickly, and we need to do them well!
  • Negotiation and cooperation skills - we want to build mutually beneficial long-term relationships with the best performing partners
  • Drivers license (B)

What can we offer you?

  • Be a contributor to our mission to revolutionize e-commerce with a world-class delivery experience
  • A steep learning curve and opportunity to work together on challenges we face as a dynamic company
  • Be a part of a motivating environment with great drive and 'everything is possible'-mindset
  • Be a part of the Budbee company culture and our family


Please provide your CV in English!

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    Operations Specialist - Budbee Box (FI)


    Julkaistu 25.03.2023

    Haluatko suosituksia samankaltaisista työpaikoista sähköpostitse?Tilaa hakuvahti