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Jobly Inspire

Reach and attract demanded professionals with a comprehensive service from Jobly. Our experts ensure your success in recruiting with top-quality media solutions and inspiring content. On average, Jobly Inspire attracts 2200-6000 views depending on your level of choice.

Fully personal service.

Jobly professionals build and optimize the campaigns for you. You can choose from 3 different levels: Inspire++, Inspire+ and Inspire.



Inspire ++
At least 6000 job visits

Biggest media budget, LinkedIn and targeted advertising that reaches both active and passive job seekers. Tailored media campaign to Alma Media channels.
PRICE: 4500 € + VAT 24%
(15 credits)

Inspire +
At least 3300 job visits

Comprehensive media budget, LinkedIn and targeted advertising for active and passive job seekers.
PRICE: 2500 € + VAT 24 % 
(9 credits)

At least 2200 job visits

Comprehensive media budget and targeted advertising for active and passive job seekers.
PRICE: 1700 € + VAT 24 % 
(6 credits)


If you are interested, please contact us and our experts will tailor the right campaign for you.

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Jobly-inspire campaign job posting may contain only one job title and description. Jobly is responsible for building the campaigns. The campaigns are optimized throughout their duration. The minimum duration of the campaign is 14 days. The campaign will be activated within two business days, or after the necessary materials are received. The advertisements primarily use the image provided by the customer. Update in the application period may affect the promised amount of job visits if the campaign period is shortened.
We reserve the right to optimize and select the advertising medias. Medias used will be reported after the end of the campaign. For example Facebook's terms of service restrict the marketing of jobs that affect political and social substantive issues. In these cases, social media marketing is replaced by other media.
Depending on the level of the Jobly Inspire product, we promise from 2200+ to 6000+ job visits. If the promised result is not gained by the end of the campaign (minimum duration 14 days), we will continue job ad publishing at no charge for up to 60 days and ensure through advertising that the promised result is achieved.

"Campaign exceeded its promises"

"The challenge for Alma Media has been that we continue to profile mainly as a media house and not as a digital service company. We have a community of over 300 devs and 80% of our business comes from digital services. Digital work is strong and is constantly growing stronger.

This year we were looking for about 10 future experts for Alma's Developer & Designer trainee program. The target group was graduates and junior experts who had already gained 1-3 years of work experience. With Jobly, we set out to get visibility into Alma's digital expertise and to look for new experts in the Developer & Designer trainee program. With Jobly's Inspire++ campaign, advertising was targeted directly at the right target audience.

The results were excellent. We managed to be visible to the right target group and found a new trainee group that enthusiastically joined the Alma Medians. The visibility of the campaign exceeded its promise, the campaign was shown well across platforms. We went through the campaign's success together with Jobly after it ended and saw which channels worked and how job seekers reacted to it. We also got great tips on how to promote similar campaigns in the future."

- Nina Uhlenius, Talent Partner, Alma Media