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We assist our clients in today’s recruitment challenges. Effective targeted solutions, deep industry expertise, and strong collaboration with our clients lead to successful outcomes.



"We got wide visibility and the recruitment was successful"

Product: Inspire

"We were looking for an expert for technical sales support, and the position was suitable for various backgrounds. Therefore, we wanted the job ad to have a wider visibility also elsewhere than on the job search portal."

Jobly’s Inspire campaign worked well in this. We got wide visibility and the recruitment was successful."

Ninna Rautavirta,
Recruitment Consultant,
S&S Consulting




"I recommend Jobly for challenging recruitments"

Product: Inspire

"Recruitment with Jobly went excellently. With an effective campaign, we reached many potential applicants and the position was filled!

Cooperation with Jobly’s contact person Ilari was easy and efficient. I received additional information about different campaign options and a comprehensive report at the end of the recruitment. I recommend Jobly for challenging recruitments.

Essi Karvonen,
Advisor, Partner, PsM
HRS Advisors


"We have been very satisfied with the result"

Product: Inspire+

"We have used Jobly in several different recruitments. With the help of the Jobly Inspire+ campaign, we have received a tremendous number of readers and broad visibility for our job advertisements, and we have been very satisfied with the result.

The service works well and everything is always arranged quickly. Cooperation with Jobly is pleasant, smooth and flexible."

Anni Kauppinen,
HR Specialist,
Tuusula municipal


"We have received more applications"

Product: Inspire+

"We are able to recruit part-time workers and students for entry-level positions at Nordnet through our strong media presence, as Nordnet is the #8 ideal employer for students in the commercial sector (Universum Awards 2023). However, especially in the most challenging professional recruitments, we have utilized the Jobly Inspire+ campaign in addition to Nordnet’s channels.

When using the Inspire+ package for the first time we noticed that we received significantly more applications compared with previous measures. In the following recruitments, we decided to continue using Inspire+ based on good experiences, and the same success continued. We have received more applications and a large part of them have been of high quality. With the support of Jobly, we have found a suitable person for each recruitment.

Jobly has quickly responded to our recruitments and needs. The cooperation has been smooth and straightforward. The contact person has been flexible and offered us suitable options. We are planning to continue the cooperation when recruitment needs arise."

Soile Ruuskanen, Head of Marketing and Online Sales Finland,


"We got wide visibility for our job advertisement and a lot of good applicants"

Product: Inspire++

"We were looking for a commercial director for us. The requirements for the future commercial director’s skills and experience were high, so we decided to use Jobly’s Inspire++ campaign. Creating a job advertisement was easy and we received clear instructions and support from Jobly.

We got wide visibility for our job advertisement and a lot of good applicants. We succeeded in recruitment and the smooth cooperation with Jobly helped in that"

Kaili Koiv, HR Specialist,
Romu Keinänen Oy


"We received a great number of applications and found suitable candidates"

"The recruitment process went excellently, we received a great number of applications and found suitable candidates for our open positions.

Special thanks to Jobly’s CX team, who were very helpful and quickly answered all our questions.

Generally, the customer experience of working with Jobly was great and in my opinion our needs were well taken into account"

Susanna Lustig
Head of Sales, Splay One


"Jobly’s team operates proactively and approaches matters with a strong problem-solving focus"

"Our collaboration with Jobly has worked well. They have actively developed their product and through that brought us not only traffic but also added value to business development.

Their understanding of target groups and data has been valuable to us. We especially appreciate that the Jobly team is proactive towards us and approaches things very solution-oriented."

Maria Malila
Customer Marketing Director
Eezy Henkilöstöpalvelut Oy


"We chose Jobly because our goal is to reach more applicants by utilizing new channels"

"We chose Jobly because our goal is to reach more applicants by utilizing new channels. We have an unlimited monthly package for job advertisements, as we advertise a lot in volume and for that, the unlimited package is the most sensible.

The cooperation has gone well - communication with our contact person Tuukka and customer service is low-threshold and easy."

Sini Saikkonen,
Marketing Manager,
SOL Henkilöstöpalvelut Oy


"Cooperation with Jobly has been straightforward and smooth. In addition to individual job advertisements, we have wanted visibility for our brand as well. Tools for both have been found from Jobly."

Sari Lundén
Business Unit Manager, Kaiku HR Tampere


"Jobly’s products and services offer comprehensive solutions for various recruitment needs. In addition, cooperation with Jobly’s staff is easy and fast."

Terhi Marttinen
Chief Executive Officer, HR Point



"The collaboration has been smooth and active. The campaigns have yielded the desired results."

Ulla Vesterinen
Employment Relations Specialist, HR, Helsinki Business College Oy


Delete reached 80,000 job seekers with content marketing – “You have to stay on top in recruitment”

Delete, a cleaning service provider, succeeded in increasing its recruitment efficiency by investing in employer branding through content marketing.

Cooperation with Jobly led to a successful employer brand campaign in Iltalehti. The article reached over 80,000 active and passive job seekers.

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Port of Helsinki reaches out through storytelling – “Job applicants have brought up the articles in interviews”

Jobly and Port of Helsinki created a series of three articles that were published on the Tekniikka&Talous website.

The goal was to make the Port of Helsinki known as a workplace and an expert organisation. Content marketing articles published in the right media deepened the employer’s message. The results were great.

– The message has reached the right target group when applicants have said they have read the articles, says Katja Riikola, HR Director, Port of Helsinki.

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The Bank of Finland highlighted its IT jobs with a career story

The Bank of Finland wanted to increase awareness of the career opportunities it offers to IT professionals. A content marketing campaign conducted with Jobly in Kauppalehti and Tivi did just that. The career story was a natural way to talk about the work community and everyday life.

Since previous campaigns in Alma’s media network had produced good results, content in the form of an article was a natural next step.

–The whole process left positive feelings. This type of article is quite long-lasting, and I believe it's a good investment that goes a long way, said Anna-Kaisa Riekkola, HR Partner, Bank of Finland.

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"More applicants than the previous two years combined" – KONE’s campaign for elevator installer training was a success.

For the campaign, a branded page about the work and training of an elevator installer was created. Applicants were activated with an employer video and a chatbot, which could be used to test their suitability for the training. The campaign page was marketed extensively in Alma's media network. Since the target group was young, Snapchat was also selected as one channel.

– All along, I had the feeling that Jobly's experts understood our needs. The whole campaign looked great and we got good applicants. I would definitely recommend Jobly. This year, there were more applicants than in the previous two years combined. Joonas Kuutsa, HR Center of Expertise, KONE Oyj.

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South Karelia Wellbeing Area reached doctors with a brand campaign – "We were noticed across different channels"

The South Karelia Wellbeing Area collaborated with Jobly on a brand campaign highlighting career opportunities within the wellbeing area. Doctors and specialists are not an easy target group, but the campaign achieved its goals.

– At the Helsinki Medical Days, doctors mentioned that they had noticed us across different channels and praised the campaign’s appearance, said Recruitment Specialist Marianne Svahn, South Karelia Wellbeing Area.

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HSY’s extensive brand campaign engaged job seekers – success on TikTok was surprising

Helsinki Region Environmental Services (HSY) reached working-age population through a comprehensive and multi-channel brand campaign.

– We wanted to highlight how education and training-oriented our organization is. Through Jobly, we received visits not only to employee stories but also to our strategy and sustainability pages, which clearly indicates that we achieved our goals, said HR Partner Anne-Mari Honkavaara, HSY.

Job seekers also noticed the campaign across various channels.

– In recruitment processes, applicants have mentioned finding us through articles and Jobly.

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